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img_0120The Captain, Content Strategist, and all-around advocate – Maceo Jourdan.

My most vivid memories from Junior High were of me hiding how overweight I was.  Arizona schools had swimming during gym in the summer (which is about 9 months of the year in AZ) and I dreaded each day.  One of the worst days was when I asked the coach if I could wear a T-shirt and he said, “get over it.”

We were also pretty cash-strapped in those days – not quite poor but mom worked 3 jobs to keep me out of “the projects” – and that shirt I’m wearing would ride up over my stomach, making me painfully aware of how big my stomach was.

Fortunately, High School brought on a massive growth spurt and I just “grew out of it” – not that I wasn’t trying other things…  Weight Watchers (getting weighed in front of a bunch of women was not high on my “bucket list” as a teenage boy, by the way), Slim Fast, weight lifting…  Honestly, nothing seemed to work. (looking back I understand why)

Off to the Army right after graduation and, still, I struggled with my body fat.  It wasn’t until Special Forces Selection (4 weeks of the most intense mental and physical tests you can imagine) that I slimmed down.  Of course, within 8 months I was back to looking at that paunch in my mid-section…

After the Army, I decided to I wanted to compete in the Mr. Olympia contest and I started a very intense, structured weight lifting program – and I gained… fast.  I entered the Army at 17 weighing 165 pounds and was up to 220 just 6 years later.  But my training partner (the top trainer at the gym) came to me one day and said, “Maceo, people are asking why you work out with us and look so fat.  You need to do something about that.” (yes, seriously)

So I “did something about it”.  And what it took was simply crazy – low calories, intense cardio, and a few… ahem… “supplements” to make up the difference.  But I got ripped.  Down to 4% body fat at 201 pounds – I looked like a linebacker for my team (the Pittsburg Steelers).   But I was about to fall apart!

Over the years I kept up with the weights (I stopped my pursuit of Bodybuilding Gold) but as I got older, my waistline kept growing.   34 inch pants turned into 36’s, then 38’s…  I just couldn’t seem to get things under control.

I even went to a top doctor in Scottsdale to get answers. You know what he told me?  “Well, we’ll give you testosterone and see what happens.”

See what happens? What am I some kind of lab rat?  I wanted to know why my triglycerides were 515… why my fasting insulin was at the “normal” levels…  why in spite of working out and exercising I just couldn’t stop my “spare tire” from getting big enough to put on a Mac truck…

So I started digging… and digging… and you know what?

I found out the answer.

To prove it, I did the most simple thing possible – I just did it.

In 45 days, I lost 60 pounds of body fat.  Yep. You read that right.  45 days.

I didn’t exercise one time.  Heck, I barely got out of my chair.

Triglycerides were at 212 in one week and “normal” in 2. Cholesterol from 270 to 110 in three. Bodyfat from 25% to 12%.

From “Diabetic” to “normal”.

If I can do it – you can to.


Maceo and the Team
Maceo and the Team

Our Advisors
doctor Scott

Scott Saunders, MD
Chief Health Officer & Nutrition Advisor

Dr. Scott left the traditional world of medicine to start his own clinic in Santa Barbara county in California. He graduated from UCLA Medical School, but grew frustrated with “the system” which didn’t allow much for alternative remedies – even though he knew they were more effective with less side effects. He is now the director of The Interactive Medicine Center of Santa Barbara, which balances conventional medicine with alternative healing modalities to achieve optimal wellness. He and his wife have 14 children.


Skip the gimmicks.  

Sure you can grab a pill or powder and get some results pretty fast.  But how long do they last?  Yeah.  We know – not very long.  And, even worse, you’re in not in a good place after 4 or 5 months.  Usually, you’re worse off than when you started.  

That’s why we talk about the stuff that works – and not just for a lucky few but for everyone with normal human DNA.  If you follow the program, we guarantee results. Not is years, in weeks.  

If you’re a Type 2 Diabetic, here’s the bad news: You are going to have to change the way you eat and live.

There is just no getting around it.  

Here’s the good news: we make it super simple, and super fast.

We start out by changing what you eat and how you move your body.  You’ll be shocked at how fast your numbers come down once you start doing the right things.

Then, we slowly, gradually give you more and more room for the stuff that got you in trouble in the first place – ice cream, cookies, cake…

Yep, we said it.  You can still enjoy the sweets, but we both know eating a half gallon of ice cream every few days is going to end badly for you. That’s why we give you the plans for indulging that sweet tooth.

In fact, one method we have will literally let you eat as much as you want.  You read that right – you can still lose weight, control your blood sugar, and keep your “numbers” in check – and still eat anything your heart desires.

The key is doing it correctly.

And that’s what we’re here for.